Construction Site Survey

Bluebird Aerial has been carrying out aerial progress surveys at the Nestle Waters factory for McCoy Contractors.

You can see the fantastic fly through of the 3D model below. 

Here’s how that amazing model was created…..

The 50 acre site has been accurately mapped with over 550 aerial photographs, flying at an altitude of 50m. The imagery is formed into a model using 79 million 3D points at a spacing of 1.4cm/pixel. This model is effectively “floating” until calibrated to Ground Control Points (GCPs) which have known co-ordinates and levels. The overall result is a survey with GPS accuracy that can be used for calculation of areas and volumes, and which is also great for tracking progress, client presentations, traffic management plans, marketing, the list is endless!

Orthomosaic of Site
Photograph from drone
3D model of Site